Avrina Jos

Career History

Since 2018 Doctoral Researcher, Department of English, University of Göttingen, Germany. PhD: Intermedial Feminisms: Towards a Theory of Feminist Networked Memory.
2016-2018 M.A. English Philology, Department of English, University of Göttingen, Germany. Thesis: "Writing is Roaring": Historicization of the BWLM in the Radical Feminist Magazine Trouble and Strife.
2013-2014 M.A. Writing, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.
2010-2013 B.A. English Studies, Department of English, Christ University, Bangalore, India.


Research Interests

  • Feminist Theory
  • Gender and Queer Studies
  • Cultural Memory Studies
  • Media Studies.

Grants and Awards

  • Gender Studies Thesis Award, University of Göttingen. (2020)
  • Niedersachsen Research Award, Category Student. (2019)
  • Erasmus Mobility Grant, Erasmus-British Council. (2015)
  • British Council IELTS Scholarship, IELTS-British Council. (2013)
  • Berlin Writing Prize (Shortlist). (2019).