Nina Julich-Warpakowski


  • 2004-2010 Leipzig University
    British Studies (with a focus on English linguistics) and Musicology (focus on historical musicology), including an ERASMUS year in Cardiff, Wales, UK
    Master‘s thesis: Contrasts in the Lexicon. Conceptualizations of Music in English and German

Professional Career

  • Leipzig University
    Since 2015/10
    Research Associate at the English Department
    PhD project: Metaphors in Verbal Descriptions of Music
  • University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
    Since 2015/09
    Research Assistant
    Project: Lernprozesse mit ePortfolios sichtbar machen
  • University of Applied Sciences Zwickau
    English for Specific Purposes Lecturer
  • Leipzig University
    Research assistant at the English Department

Research Interests

  • Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  • Metaphors for (and in) Music
  • Metonymy
  • Literal vs. metaphorical language
  • Corpus Approaches to Metaphor

Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics
  • Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics (as a students’ tutor)
  • Phonetics / Phonology (as a students’ tutor)
  • Technical English for Mechanical Engineering (at B2 and C1 level)
  • Technical English for Electrical Engineering (B2)
  • Technical English for Physical Engineering and Microsystems Technology (C1)


  • Pérez-Sobrino, P. & Julich, N. (2014). Let’s Talk Music: A Corpus-Based Account of Musical Motion, Metaphor and Symbol, 29(4), 298-315.


  • Julich, N. (2015). Review of Csatár, Péter (2014). Data Structure in Cognitive Metaphor Research. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang (Metalinguistica Volume 26), on
  • Julich, N. (2014). Review of  Gonzálvez-García, Peña Cervel, Pérez Hernández (eds) (2013). Metaphor and Metonymy revisited beyond the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor, on


  • Metaphors for music: Beyond time is motion
    2nd International Symposium on Figurative Thought and Language, Pavia, Italy, 2015
  • Metaphors for Music. Different Levels of Conceptualization (with Paula Pérez-Sobrino)
    13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Newcastle, UK, 2015, special theme session on music and language
  • Metaphor in Texts on Music
    12th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Edmonton, Canada, 2013, special theme session on music and language
  • Image Schemas Underlying Musical Metaphors. A Corpus-Based Approach (with Paula Pérez-Sobrino)
    Cognition and Poetics Conference, Osnabrück, 2013
  • MIPVU. Theoretical Considerations and Borderline Cases (with Thanasis Georgakopoulos)
    Metaphor Lab Winter School, Amsterdam, 2013
  • Metaphor in Musical Discourse
    9th Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference, Lancaster, UK, 2012


  • Introduction to Statistics in R, Leipzig, Germany, 2014 (Anne Krause)
  • Systematic Metapher Analysis in Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences, Berlin Germany, 2014 (Rudolf Schmitt)
  • Metaphor Lab Winter School, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013 and 2012 (Gerard Steen, Tina Krennmayr, Alan Cienki)
  • Tutor/innen-Qualifizierung, tutinitiative der Erziehungswissenschaft der Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, German, 2012
  • Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics, Freiburg, Germany, 2012 (Anatol Stefanowitsch, Kristian Tylén)