Dr. Ilja Seržant


Education and Academic Qualifications

  • 2012 – Ph. D., University of Bergen (“Aspects of non-prototypical subjects: synchrony, diachrony and areality”) in General Linguistics;
  • 2011 – Dr. phil., University of Cologne (“Das Kausativ im Tocharischen”) in Historical-Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (thesis: magna cum laude / disputatio: summa cum laude);
  • 2005 - M.A. in Indo-European Comparative Historical Linguistics and Classical Philology (Ancient Greek), University of Cologne.


Professional Assignments

  • Post-doc (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), ERC Advanced Grant Project Usage-based explanations of grammatical Universals, Department of English, University of Leipzig (2016-2020)
  • Post-doc (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), (principal investigator), TriMCo Project, Department of Slavic Studies, University of Mainz (2015-2016). (I had to quit this fantastic project prematuraly but I continue my work for this project in terms of collaboration)
  • Post-doc (Akademischer Mitarbeiter), ZIF-Marie-Curie, Zukunftskolleg (Cluster of Excellence), Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz (2013-2015), with my own project "The Diachronic Typology of Differential Argument Marking";
  • Research Fellow (mokslo darbuotojas), Project: "Valency, Argument Realisation and Grammatical Relations in Baltic", University of Vilnius (2012-2015);
  • PhD stipendiat, University of Bergen, (March 2011 – September 2012)
  • PhD research fellow at the project "IECASTP", University of Bergen, (August 2008 to March 2011)
  • Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) in Lithuanian Linguistics at the Institute of Linguistics, University of Cologne (2006-2007)
  • Participation at the Project "Incipitarium liturgischer Hymnen in ostslavischen Handschriften des 11. bis 13. Jahrhunderts“, Bonn, Patristische Kommission, NRW Akademie der Wissenschaften (2004-2005);
  • Junior Researcher at the Institute of Lithuanian Language, Department of Grammar (2005-2015)



  • Scholarship from the Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg (Russia) (19.09.2011-30.11.2011).
  • K. Būgos scholarship from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education (2008)
  • Graduated Scholarship ("Graduiertenstipendium") of the University of Cologne, Subject of Research "Das Kausativ im Tocharischen", (2005-2007)


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